Pregnancy Test Calculator: Test Your Pregnancy Now

Use the Pregnancy test calculator to test fertility or to check if you are pregnant or not. Women cannot contain their excitement at times. One of these times includes when a woman is expecting a baby. After planning things out, the woman expects a positive result. They opt for taking a pregnancy test as much soon as possible. Yeah, it is a great gesture, and you should be prepared for your upcoming journey. However, there are certain time limitations which you should follow. You will not get a positive result from a pregnancy test if you are performing it after 2-3 days of the big night.

Pregnancy test calculator

Pregnancy test calculator

Pregnancy Test Calculator – When Should I Test?

In such cases, there is a certain period which woman should follow. You have to plan your periods out as well before having any unprotected sex if you are aiming to get pregnant. This guide will cover some essential details regarding pregnancy tests.

How Everything Works

Women are usually left with a question, “When should I take a pregnancy test?” This question has a simple answer. You can take a pregnancy test after 9-11 days.

No matter if you are aiming to perform a blood pregnancy test or urine pregnancy test, the duration is going to stay similar. However, it has been stated that a blood pregnancy test will show positive results before urine pregnancy test. If you are eager to know that if you are pregnant or not, then you can opt for a blood pregnancy test. Check Home Made Pregnancy Tests.

The pregnancy test is going to give positive result after the implantation. When the fetus is attached to the uterine walls and has been connected with the mother’s blood system, the implantation is completed. It happens after 9-11 days of ovulation. Once the fertilized eggs are implanted into the endometrium, you can perform a pregnancy test. You can opt for either a urine pregnancy test or a blood pregnancy test. Some women prefer to carry out both tests just to be sure.

Appropriate Time For Taking A Pregnancy Test

Early morning is the best time for taking a pregnancy test. There are various reasons to justify the previous statement. One of them being, the purity of your urine. It has been studied that the first urine of the day is water-free viz. it’s the purest form of urine.

Urine is formed by various hormones inside the body of the human being. They combine to form urine which comes out as waste from a human body. This urine is water-free, and once you drink water, the urine loses its purity and works against your case. This is why it is recommended to perform pregnancy test in the early morning without drinking water as water can pollute the purity of urine and the concentration of HCG hormone. HCG hormone helps in detection of a fetus inside a woman.

Various services available online for Pregnancy Test Calculation

Countdowntopregnancytest Pregnancy Test Calculator

This website offers a tool which helps a woman calculate the minimum amount of time needed to perform a pregnancy test. It varies for different women. You can quickly calculate the number of days after typing up some essential information necessary for the calculation.

It is a free tool and can be used for an unlimited number of times. You have to provide some details like First Day of Last Menstrual Period, Average Cycle Length and the day when you ovulated. These simple features are going to be processed by the server of the site. The result will include the exact date on which you can take a pregnancy test. This tool can help you know these minor details and avoid getting a negative result.

Babymed Pregnancy Test Calculator

Compared to the option mentioned above, Babymed requires more information for providing more accurate results. It has the same features and applications of the tool above. You can calculate the number of days after which you should take a pregnancy test to avoid any negative result.

The operation of this tool requires some information like your First Day of Last Period, Ovulation Day, IVF Transfer Day, Embryo Day and Implantation Day. You will be asked to enter the average length of your menstrual period as well. The server will process the information and ultimately come up with a date. You can take a home pregnancy test after this date. The test can either be blood pregnancy test or urine pregnancy test. If everything was planned right then, you would get a positive result after performing the test. This tool is 100 percent accurate and has been used worldwide.

You can also collect more information about pregnancy and the journey of a pregnant woman on this website.

What we learned

A woman has to be patient. There is no need to be hasty; you can wait for some days before performing a pregnancy test. Use the tools provided in the context for obtaining accurate results. We wish for your test to be positive. Be safe, stay confident.


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