Top 10 Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

Negative Pregnancy Test: Women tend to perform pregnancy test regularly in their adulthood. In some cases, women prefer to get a negative result as it can affect their life drastically. This is not an issue as even if it’s positive, a woman will know the reason behind it.

However, for women who planned everything out and expect a positive result, things can go the other way around. In this case, you might wonder what went wrong. This might cause a lot of misunderstandings and lead you to believe that the test is not accurate. If you have inclined towards buying a cheap pregnancy test kit, then there is a little chance of the test being inaccurate. This fact is the reason why it is advised to use good pregnancy test kits.

Negative Pregnancy Test

Negative Pregnancy Test

Top 10 Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

Despite all the money talks, there are certain reasons why you got a negative result. Here is a list of ten most common reasons why women fail in a pregnancy test:

  1. You are not pregnant

There are cases when a woman is not pregnant. This is the most basic reason for getting a negative pregnancy test. The way pregnancy tests work simple. If your urine would contain Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, then the pregnancy test will display a positive result.

For women who got a negative pregnancy test, you don’t need to always fret over it. You need to be patient and not have unnecessary expectations. You still have chances of getting pregnant again, so there is no need to be upset. The only reason why you got a negative result is that the test did not detect the hormone in your urine.

  1. Miscalculations

Irregular periods can lead to miscalculations. It is quite difficult for women who don’t have a proper understanding of their periods to be tricked into this. For women who experience irregular periods are never sure of being pregnant as it is entirely unpredictable for them.

For women who experience regular periods have information regarding these matters. They know when they should practice intercourse and expect a baby. If these women get a negative result, then check out other nine reasons which may have affected the result of the pregnancy test.

  1. You are performing a test too early

Another case which could lead to a negative pregnancy test is the phrase “Hurry spoils curry.” This is not directed to be funny at all, but some women get excited. They cannot contain their excitement and perform a test too early.

It is recommended for women to perform a test after 11 days of sexual intercourse. This is the amount of time needed for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to develop in your body. Have some patience; everything will go right if you have planned it well. Perform pregnancy test after 11 days, let the HCG level develop in your body.

  1. Early miscarriage

There are certain cases where women forget to perform pregnancy tests. This mistake could lead to serious conditions like an early miscarriage. You may experience heavy bleeding. Some women consider this heavy bleeding a part of their periods. They completely ignore the probability of being pregnant. Early miscarriage is caused due to these minor mistakes. It may take an enormous toll on your body which I the reason why it is advised to perform pregnancy tests after having any unprotected sex.

  1. Presence of water in Urine

Initially, let us discuss how urine is formed. Your body collects all kind of hormones and forms urine. This fact is also the reason why doctor always instructs their patients to perform pregnancy test after waking up. The first urine of the day is pure and has no concentration of water present in it. These hormones also carry the HCG hormone which detects the presence of a baby in your body.

Women drink water and then perform these tests without realizing that your urine has lost its purity and it could give a negative result.

  1. Medications

Usually, the pregnancy tests are designed in such a way that medication would not affect its working. However, it has been noted that some women who usually take a high dosage of medicines get a negative result even after planning everything. The unprotected sex does not bring a positive result for them cause of these medicines.

A high dosage level affects your pregnancy test result. This is happening because of the drug dosage. You still have a chance. Just buy another pregnancy kit and perform the test again. You will notice that the result has changed in your favor.

  1. Faulty pregnancy test

Companies try their best to follow all the guidelines provided to manufacture proper pregnancy test kits. Everyone knows the significance of a pregnancy test, it can change lives of two individuals drastically, and no one would want to play with it. Despite this fact, there are reasons why a faulty pregnancy test was manufactured. If you got a negative test result with a particular pregnancy kit, then opt for pregnancy test produced by other companies just to be sure.

Mistakes can happen, and you can detect these errors by trying out a different product.

  1. Hormones

It has been studied that women lose estrogen present in their body with an increase in age. You can quickly detect signs of aging as it affects your body. Despite having unprotected sex, you can get a negative result because tests usually confuse the outcome in such cases.

Also, if you follow a particular schedule of medication, it may affect your hormones. Medications could cause an imbalance in your hormone system. As the hormone levels decrease, it comes quite difficult for pregnancy test kits to give a positive result. They end up displaying a negative result. You need to stop these medications and try to perform the test one more time.

  1. Ectopic Pregnancy

In cases of Ectopic Pregnancy, the baby develops in the fallopian tube instead of developing in the uterus. Such cases are rare, but there is always a possibility of women having Ectopic Pregnancy.

  1. Infertility

It is unfortunate, but this can be the case with you. Even if you try for a long, long time, you will get a negative test result in such case.

These are the ten reasons why you are experiencing a negative pregnancy test. It advised for women to use proper pregnancy test kits to obtain accurate results. Be safe. Stay happy!

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