5 Homemade Pregnancy Tests (DIY)- How to Check at Home?

The entire period of pregnancy, right from conception to the baby is a beautiful journey that a couple makes together. It is accompanied by transformations both mentally and physically. But to make it the most memorable time care should be taken. Everything should be well planned as it will only lead to a healthy baby. And the first thing in this respect is the pregnancy test.

There are a lot of medical procedures available to approve the pregnancy but most women prefer to confirm it through a test done in privacy. Also, test done through natural methods are becoming common and being used by women nowadays.

And if homemade pregnancy test comforts you, then here is a complete guide to the homemade pregnancy tests.

Homemade Pregnancy Tests and How It Works?

Receiving the news of pregnancy is one of the spectacular moments of a women’s life. Usually one looks for a quick and safe way to confirm their pregnancy. The standard pregnancy test available nowadays includes sticks which gives result in the form of lines after coming in contact with urine. But before these tests, women used to utilize common household products that you usually have in your kitchen and washrooms. These homemade pregnancy test also work in a similar manner and confirm the news of pregnancy though they might not be reliable like the standard ones.

Homemade pregnancy tests also work by detecting the level of Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG) called the pregnancy hormone in urine. As the fertilized egg attaches to the uterus wall, a sac is formed to protect it called placenta.  And the hormone which is secreted with the formation of placenta, is a sure sign of conception. As chemical reaction takes place between the different substances and hormone in urine, Homemade Pregnancy tests detects it.

Why Use a Homemade Pregnancy Test?

Though Homemade Pregnancy tests have a major drawback of low reliability as compared to the commercial tests available in the market, it also comes with some benefits. While the standard pregnancy tests are affordable and can be easily obtained, let’s have look at some of the reasons of choosing a DIY Pregnancy test.

  • Upholds your Privacy: A Natural or Homemade Pregnancy test helps you maintain your privacy as it is made and carried out at home. Thus you are not at a risk of getting caught buying a pregnancy test kit and you also manage to dodge the embarrassment.
  • Avoid Embarrassment: Sometimes your news of possibly being pregnant spreads like a fire and if the test comes out to be negative, it becomes a case of embarrassment. Also in some cases one is forced to buy a kit, while you know about your condition. In such cases you definitely want to confirm the news first before being objectified in public.
  • Potentially Cheaper: You can definitely save money with natural homemade pregnancy tests. It is the most cost effective way to confirm your pregnancy as you get to choose the ingredients.
  • Keep it a Secret: Homemade Pregnancy tests gives you the chance to break this amazing news to your husband, family and friends.

Simple Homemade Pregnancy Tests

There are plenty of ingredients that can be used to make a homemade pregnancy tests. Also there are different techniques to make it and use it, but believe me, none of them are complicated. Homemade Pregnancy test are not only cost effective but they are also safe. It utilize items that are commonly found in homes, and thus they can be carried out readily. Let’s have a look at some of the Homemade Pregnancy Tests and how to use them.

Bleach Homepage Pregnancy Test

Bleach is a common household product used for whitening clothes, removing stains and for disinfection. This cleanser which you can see right on your laundry shelf or below the sink, is the first inexpensive household item that can be used to confirm your pregnancy.

Things Required-

  • Half cup of bleach
  • Half cup of our morning urine
  • A plastic cup

How to Perform-

Step 1: Take half cup of bleach in a plastic up.

Step 2: Now go outdoors and cover your nose and mouth with a cloth so that you do not inhale the toxic fumes. Also wear gloves.

Step 3: Now pour your morning urine in the cup.

Step 4: Wait for about 3 to 5 minutes.


If the mixture in the cup foams and fizzes then there are chances of you being pregnant. On the other hand no reaction is a sign of negative result. While performing the Bleach Pregnancy test, just make sure that you don not inhale the noxious fumes.

Homemade Pregnancy Test by Dandelion

Dandelion is a common weed, but its use in the pregnancy test shows that way before women was more close to nature. In this test you need to choose Dandelion leaves which are growing in a shade.

Things Required-

  • Few fresh Dandelion leaves
  • Morning urine about half a cup
  • A wide plastic bowl.

How to Perform-

Step 1: Take about 2-3 fresh Dandelion leaves in a bowl.

Step 2: Now soak these leaves in your morning urine for about 10 minutes.

Step 3: Come and check the results after 10 minutes.


If you find reddish blisters on the Dandelion leaves then congratulations, you are pregnant. But if blisters do not appear on the leaves, then it shows negative pregnancy result.

Pregnancy Test using Sugar

The next test ingredient is another inexpensive material and is easily available in every house hold. The Sugar Pregnancy test like the others have to be done with the morning urine sample. Let’s see what all do we need.

Things Required-

  • About 2-3tbsp White granulated sugar
  • Half a cup of Morning urine sample
  • A plastic container

How to Perform-

Step 1: Take about 3tbsp of white sugar in a plastic container.

Step 2: Now either add your morning urine to it or urinate in it directly.

Step 3: Wait for about 10 minutes and watch for clump formation.


If you observe the formation of clumps in the container, then you are pregnant while if the sugar just dissolves then you are not pregnant. It is a sign of negative pregnancy test result. Be sure to use granulated sugar as powdered sugar doesn’t normally forms clumps.

Pine-Sol Homemade Pregnancy Test  

Today Pine-Sol has become a standard cleaning product and can be easily found in the grocery store. But way back then, women used to prepare it with pine cone, leaves, needles and twigs. This is another common and useful DIY pregnancy test that you can try to confirm your pregnancy.

Things Required-

  • Half a cup of Pine-Sol detergent
  • Half a cup of sample of morning urine
  • A plastic container

How to Perform-

Step 1: Take Pine-sol detergent in a plastic container.

Step 2: Now add your urine sample to it.

Step 3: Let it stand for about 3-5 minutes.


After 3 to 5 minutes, look out for color change. If your urine changes color then it indicates that you are pregnant but if not then you are not.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

Toothpaste is fund in each and every household. The Toothpaste Pregnancy test is more like a backup test where you want to confirm your previous positive homemade pregnancy test. It is advised to buy a plain white toothpaste without any coloring gel or crystals for correct results.

Things Required-

  • A dollop of the plain white toothpaste
  • 2 tablespoon of morning urine
  • A plastic cup

How to Perform- 

Step 1: In a cup, place the dollop of white toothpaste.

Step 2: Now pour your urine in the cup, over the toothpaste or it is better if you pee straight in the cup.

Step 3: Wait for 5 to 10 minutes.


If the Toothpaste changes it color from white to light blue or starts foaming, then the result is positive. But if you do not observe the change in color or state, then it means no reaction took place and the pregnancy results are negative.

Conclusion of DIY Hompage Pregnancy Tests

There are a lot more household ingredients that you can use to for DIY Pregnancy test like soap, vinegar, mustard powder red cabbage, wine and Tylenol and peroxide. Of course all these tests cannot beat the modern technology but they are great for a preliminary confirmation.

Homemade Pregnancy tests are convenient yet trickier to understand. You might make a few mistakes to understand the result shown by it, but these DIY pregnancy tests are effective if done with utmost concentration. All the ingredients used in the above Homemade Pregnancy tests are actually good indicators of the HCG hormone and are tried and tested. Also it is advised that after you get a positive result from Homemade Pregnancy tests, follow up with a doctor. Motherhood is a blessing, begin it by confirming the news with Homemade Pregnancy tests.

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