Best Pregnancy Apps – Best Apps for Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant for the first time then you definitely might be curious to know answers for many of your specific questions regarding mom-to-be. But you cannot be in line with your doctors 24/7. This is when you realize the importance of having pregnancy tracking apps handy with yourself.

You can though always visit your doctor but in between to be a more confident preggo pregnancy apps can act as an additional supplement to your doubts and curiosities regarding your pregnancy.

Best Pregnancy Apps 

There are many apps available that guide you with the health of your baby, keep you updated and also connect you with fellow moms to concern. These women pregnancy apps just like other apps tell you about different aspects of pregnancy and allow you to share or listen to some experiences that make you more cautious. So to know all about the creature growing inside you there are plenty of such apps discussed here that will show you way up. So sit back and relax and keep following these apps. A lot of them are free pregnancy apps as well. 🙂

Pregnancy ++

Did you even know that your baby in seven weeks of your pregnancy is just a size of blueberry? Well if not then check out this great app that tells you the size of growing fetus week by week. It shows the image of the baby in 2D or 3D and also allows you to opt for an animated video to keep track of baby.

This app also features daily blogs and weekly updates. It cannot be downloaded for free but is definitely an app that is worth a fee. You are an iOS user then this app allows you to sync your health information with Apple’s health app to keep a track. This app includes standard features like calendars, kick counters and about 1000 names suggestions making it a versatile app. You can also track your weight, doctor visits and your daily detailing of pregnancy..


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WebMD Pregnancy app

Reading up random stuff online about your pregnancy issues lands you in a trouble for internet has many scary things to offer. But all thanks to WebMD Pregnancy app that does not gives you any kind of rare condition if you feeling uneasy during pregnancy. It contains the source that is well-vetted and totally reliable. The articles and information contained in this WebMD app are by consultation to actual doctors and features data that is licensed by medical professionals.

To use this app you need to log in to the app after once it gets downloaded and also this app is available only for iOS users. You just have to specify your due date and then this app tracks your stages of pregnancy. You can jot down your golden moments and have photos and videos along with reading pregnancy related articles.

The main highlight of this app is its Pregnancy section 101 that lets you learn all about your growing baby on weekly basis. You can also take down notes on nutrition, illness, and health. It has separate sections for “Just Dads” as it is you both taking together this pregnancy ahead.

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro App

This app is completely free to use. It comes with a lot of social features allowing you to record daily symptoms, moods, and doctors’ appointment. It includes kick counter and contraction timer to monitor your baby’s movements and noises. It includes a section where you can watch a video related to vaginal birth to mentally prepare you for that one day. In this app, you can communicate with others by sharing and listening to their experiences and asking questions if any. You can track down your body weight weekly so that you can consult with a doctor with the information you recorded in a journal. Well, it is a heavyweight app that is much big in its functionality.


Glow Nurture Best Pregnancy App

The main aim of designing this app is to nurture every preggo. With this app, you can immediately find the inches your baby is growing every day. The app informs you about your pregnancy condition with updated articles, reminders and more features. It even tells the countdown of your due date and prepares you mentally. Use this app to keep the track of doctor’s appointment, symptoms or other relevant habits. If you have been doing sex or taking prenatal vitamins the Nurture app guides you with the health effects.

Using this app you can take photos of your baby bump as well so that it turns into a moment. The best part is that it has many forums that let you connect with other pregnant women so that you become less frustrated with your queries. This app is available both for Android and iOS users and one can upgrade to paid version anytime.

Sprout- The Best Record Keeper

It is yet another very useful app for moms-to-be and is available for free for both iOS and Android users. It has an integrated tab that let you preserve special moments of your pregnancy. With this app you can simply click the photo of your belly and pair them with ultrasound will create pages that you can print later adding in your baby’s album. Use this app to jot down your doctor’s appointment, get weekly medical tips, and has all tracking functions like recording weight, contractions and kicks. Additionally, with this app, you get listing tasks with all the baby essentials that are required to take to the hospital when you making your official baby debut. Note down the questions for your doctor and ask when you meet to get less worried.

Baby Names

As soon as you get the news of being pregnant the first question that strikes your mind is “With what name am I supposed to call my baby?” So if you want to find a perfect and unique name for your baby then this app acts as a pro for you. It has about 30,000 baby names along with the meaning to solve one of your biggest problems. Get the origin, pronunciation, and you can arrange them by initials or their popularity. In addition, it comes with built-in Genie that suggests the name of your baby that pairs with both the parent’s name. With so many names in this app, it is definitely going to be a tough and jovial job finding a suitable name!

My Baby’s Beat

It is very satisfying to hear the heartbeat of your baby. In your entire course of pregnancy, you will get only a few appointments with a doctor to hear the beats of your baby with the help of sonogram. But if you want to satisfy your maternal needs of hearing baby’s heartbeat this app is best for you to know all about your mini me. Hearing the beats you will have to simply lie back on back, hold the device on your belly, keep the phone on Airplane mode and use your microphones. If you are not sure what to hear you can go through the sample sounds provided. Well, save it for your partner as well to listen and rejoice. This app comes with paid version only.

I’m Expecting App

It is a light-hearted and super informative app if you are expecting a baby. In this app, you find new videos on your fetal development every week and cute photos of the infants that you can select as background. This app can be synced with other health tracking devices like Jawbone and Fitbit so that you can be most informative about your health.  It also includes a daily news feed and pregnancy related articles and also allows you to communicate with different forums to share experiences.

The Bump

The Bump Pregnancy app gives you week by week pregnancy guide and compares your growing pregnancy with that of a cute fruit. It details articles upon trimesters and also on best feeding supplies needed for your baby to be healthy. The Bump contains useful information about 2 year’s toddlers and has weekly updated articles of pregnancy news. Also, find a useful community to deal with your queries and get real answers.

Ovia Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

It is basically an app that tells you about how your baby is doing and what symptoms you may experience. It allows you to log different attributions like weight, appointments, sleep, blood pressure, kicks, and medication and guides you on food, medication, and symptoms. This app shifts your focus back to your health with its reminder and other functionality.

So if you are not that confident to welcome your baby into your world then do not worry as these plethoras of pregnancy apps will make things way simple for you. With just a few clicks away you will be near to your baby and will experience happy and healthy pregnancy. Just follow up with these apps and you are all set to deliver a baby.

Hope you enjoyed these top and best pregnancy apps for women. 🙂

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